Matcha Workshop 18.09

Date: Monday 18th of September
Time: 7pm – 8pm

Location: Yumchaa Soho

What is matcha green tea? How is it made and why has it become so popular lately? What are the health benefits of matcha and how is it best prepared? We’ll answer these questions and so matcha more in this fun hands on workshop! You’ll even prepare a matcha beauty treatment to take home (it’s not just good for your outsides!)

What’s included:

  • Cup of matcha tea / matcha latte
  • Learn about matcha tea, how it’s made and why it’s full of health benefits.
  • Learn how to prepare and serve matcha correctly
  • Guided matcha beauty treatment making with all materials included:
    Luxurious matcha and coconut body scrub with all natural ingredients (yours to take home!)

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