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Re-use your Cup Challenge!

As of the 13th of March we’ve launched our “Re-use your Cup Challenge”: an initiative to reduce our environmental footprint here and now, with a big impact for the future.

Every minute over one million disposable cups are discarded to landfill, contributing to the diminishing of forests and increase of plastic waste. A trend that simply cannot continue if we are to keep our world safe and sound.

With little steps towards the right direction, we have been trying over the last year to diminish our environmental impact. As of April 2017, our first recyclable packaging was launched, and our take away cups have been certified biodegradable. Step by step, and with your help, we are looking at pushing this change even further.

So how does the Re-Use your Cup Challenge work?

Across all of our shops, you get 20p off your take-away drink if you bring in your own Reusable cup! All you have to do is let your friends know and spread the word!

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