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How to Cold Brew Your Yumchaa!

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Cold brewing is a new way to make tea by steeping it in COLD water only. When you use cold water less bitter tasting tannins are released, the tea is higher in vitamin C, lower in caffeine and has a milder, sweeter flavour. Read more about the benefits of cold brewing here.

Ready to get started?

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You’ll need:

Any tea! We love: Japanese Cherry Garden, Courtesan, Lemon Sherbet, Jasmine

Also handy:
Perfect teaspoon
Cold brew bottle


1. Add 6 perfect teaspoons of tea to a bottle. Fill the bottle up with COLD water. You could use any drink bottle or jug, but we love Hario’s cold brew bottle. It has a built in tea infuser in the lid so there’s no need to strain out the tea leaves.
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2. Put the bottle in the fridge and leave overnight for 6-8 hours.
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3. Enjoy! Pour into glasses or drink your tea straight from the bottle (the in built filter will catch the tea leaves). Try serving chilled with dinner instead of wine, or try adding fresh fruit, mint or honey to the bottle.

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Recipe ideas:

Be creative! Experiment with how long you leave the bottle in the fridge. A longer steeping time will bring out different flavours in your tea. Try mixing one of more blends of together and try adding additional ingredients like muddled berries, honey, lavender and mint.

Some of our favourite cold brew creations:

‘Healthy Dr Pepper’: 3 spoons Marzipan Superfan + 2 spoons Japanese Cherry Garden

‘Regent’s Picnic’: Regent’s Park + fresh strawberries + fresh basil

‘Lemon Berry Burst’: 2 spoons Courtesan + 2 spoons Lemon Sherbet + 2 spoons Pure Rooibos + fresh lemon slices (caffeine free)

‘The Tranquil Egyptian’: 3 spoons Egyptian Nights + 3 spoons Tranquillity

‘Earl Grey G&T’: 6 spoons Earl Grey Blue Star + fill up the bottle with gin (instead of water). Serve the tea infused gin with tonic water and slices of fresh lime.

Got a recipe of your own? We’d love to hear about it! Tag us online #yumchaatea @yumchaatea

Learn more about the health benefits of cold brewing your tea

  • Sarah Carroll

    I used Chelsea Chai and it was really good 🙂

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