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Matcha Power Pancakes (vegan & gluten free)

Our tea elves have come up with the perfect pancake recipe! Great for breakfast, brunch or a guilt free treat, these healthy hot cakes are vegan friendly and gluten free. The naturally green colour is due to the energy boosting matcha green tea powder we added (read more about the awesome health benefits of matcha here).  […]


Teas With Aphrodisiac Properties…

It’s that time of the year when love is in the air. But forget oysters and chocolates, here are five surprising aphroTEAsiacs to set the mood this Valentine’s Day… 1. Rose petals / rose hip: No flower is more associated with romance, love and beauty than the rose. According to Greek mythology it was named […]

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Make a Tea Latte!

We’ve all heard of a Chai latte. But did you know that any black tea or rooibos blend can be made into a delicious tea latte? Similar to a latte made with a shot of espresso, the trick is to use a concentrated amount of tea, which you cover with boiling water before adding milk. […]

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6 Health Hacks For January

New year’s resolutions. They’re easy to make, the problem is sticking to them. But never fear, we’ve got 6 health hacks to keep you on the wagon this January. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, detox, sleep better, save money or cut out sweets & coffee, read on because we’ve got the answer… (spoiler alert: […]

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How to make the perfect Chai latte

Sweet, spicy & full of flavour, Chai is our go-to comfort drink on a cold winter’s day. Plus the traditional Indian spices help to aide digestion and boost the immune system. We’re often asked how we make our Chai lattes, so we’ve decided to share the yummy recipe… 1. Add 3 perfect teaspoons of Chai tea & 1 […]


5 Reasons Why We Love White Tea

Tired? Stressed? Take a deep breath, you don’t need a holiday, you just need some white tea in your life! Soothing, relaxing and incredibly healthy, here’s 5 reasons why we love this gentle beauty: 1. IT’S LOW IN CAFFEINE White tea contains very little caffeine, much less than coffee and significantly less than both black tea and […]

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10 perfect presents for tea lovers!

Put on the kettle and skip the queues at Oxford Circus, we’ve got you covered with 10 perfect present ideas!   1. This chai making kit for £25.50: Because honestly, who doesn’t like chai? The magic filter is also great for making tea lattes, tea and iced tea.   2. This little guy (who won’t break the bank!) £5 […]


How to make the perfect cup of tea…

1. Start with loose leaf tea Most tea bags are full of low grade tea fannings, the tea dust that gets left over after all the quality tea leaves have been collected. Loose leaf tea is much more flavourful as it contains more essential oils and it also contains less bitter tasting tannins. 2. Choose […]


Lemon & Berry Burst Iced Tea

We love mixing up our blends to create new flavours. Our Lemon & Berry Burst iced tea is the perfect Summer refresher or nutrient-packed Winter cold killer.   Add 1 spoon of Pure Rooibos (use a Perfect Teaspoon to measure), 1 spoon of Courtesan and 1 spoon of Lemon Sherbert to your Magic Filter   […]


Matcha Peach Smoothie

Creamy, fruity and super healthy we love this Vitamin C packed Smoothie. Sweet peaches perfectly balance the sharp notes in the earthy Matcha.   1 cup of peaches (either fresh or canned) 1 banana 1 cup baby spinach 2 spoons Yumchaa matcha powder (use a matcha spoon for the perfect measure) Large handful of ice […]

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