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Rooibos and Tisanes

Welcome O Seekers of Caffeine-Free Goodness!  Below you will find all of our caffeine-free alternatives.  We here at Yumchaa believe each infusion should taste the way it was meant to.  Decaffeinating a tea will, without a doubt, change its flavour and so we had our Tea Gnomes find alternatives that will surprise and delight with their own special flavours.  

Chai Red:

Tastes like: Important work 

Drink When: You feel like a winner 

Often mis-viewed as just the substitute for black chai caffeine adverse tea drinkers, Chai Red is a great alternative but is also a tea that has its own serious tea appreciators. The Rooibos base draws out a multilevel of flavours from the ingredients used in this traditional drink to create a seriously respectful Chai that carrys the full weight of the drink's long history. 

Ingredients: Aniseed, Ginger Pieces, Black Pepper, Cardamom seed, Cinnamon Pieces and Cloves with a Rooibos base. 100g

Raspberry Vanilla:

Tastes like: The finishing touch 

Drink when: Your world feels near perfect 

This seemingly simple tea is a delight to drink. The gentle berry-ness of the raspberries are joined by aromatic vanilla pods all jumbled up in a herbal rooibos base to bring the best out of all the ingredients. The creation of our Raspberry and Vanilla blend was how Yumchaa got started, we needed to fill our craving for ripples of raspberry, vanilla and rooibos, hence the understated clarity of it's name. 

Ingredients: Raspberry, Vanilla pods, Rose petals with a Rooibos base. 100g


Chilli Chilli Bang Bang:

Tastes like: A Red Alert 

Drink when: You need a superhero side kick 

Sometimes a tea is needed that you can physically feel battles with the bad stuff in your body, that's when you need our double chilli with it's double bang. We've created this tea to have molten strength with a sweet soothing side to keep your core healthy whatever the weather throws at you . This addition to our menu is a rising star of a drink and is always in demand with our tea lovers. 

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Ginger Pieces, Red Thistle, Sweet Red Pepper Corns, Chilli Flakes with a Rooibos base. 100g

Egyptian Nights:

Tastes like: Harmony 

Drink when: You need a second Wind in your sails 

After we introduced this tea, many have tried to recreate our perfect balance of Egyptian mint and Egyptian Chamomile and never quite hit the spot. The simplest harmonies are often the most difficult to achieve. Egyptian Nights is a soothing blend of sharp Egyptian mint whose sweetness is coaxed out by the fresh buttery flavour of the whole Chamomile flowers, while the Chamomile flowers freshness is lifted up by the mint. 


Ingredients: Egyptian Mint, Whole Egyptian Chamomile Flowers (herbal infusion) 60g


Sexy, Red and slighty tart, Courtesan lives up to it's name. Great for cold nights when warmth is what you crave or steamy summer days when an iced refresher is needed.  Strawberries, Raspberries, Apples, Blueberries and others mix together with Rose Hips and Hibiscus to make this a refreshing Fruit Infusion!


Tastes like: Harvest time and frolicking 

Drink when: Thinking about the countryside, but happy you live in the City 

We've mixed together, layer after layer after layer of fruits, spices, flowers and some almond to create a tea that unfurls with flavours in your cup. Adventure is a unique blend of unlikely ingredients balanced perfectly with a base of rooibos that delivers a mouth watering spiced candy fruit drink. 

Ingredients: Rose hips, Apple pieces, Almonds, Hibiscus. Kiwi, Caramel, Spices with a Rooibos base. 100g

Berry Berry Nice:

Tastes like: Berry Burst and Bubble Gum

Drink When: Wearing Sunglasses

One of our fruitiest Rooibos blends yet, it's range of flavours cascade from sweet to sour, soft to strong and sharp to smooth. A complex and tart treat with a dash of vanilla , makes this tea a naughty but very nice favourite amongst the team. 


Ingredients: Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Rhubarb, Kiwi, Vanilla Pieces, Rose Petals with a Rooibos base. 100g

Omija Cha:

Omija Cha is the Korean description of an infusion made from Schisandra Berries which have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine.  Schisandra Berries are an adaptogen, much like Ginseng and in are used widely in Russia, China, Japan and Korea to help protect the liver, provide energy and to help the kidneys and blood.  

Pure Rooibos:

Tastes Like: Safari

Drink When: Your animal watching is done for the day

Pure Rooibos straight from the Western Cape of South Africa.  Perfect before bed, before lunch, before breakfast, anytime really.  Great with or without milk, Rooibos is a staple down South and translates perfectly into English. 

Pure Rooibos. 100g


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