Our Story

It all began with a market stall…


Yumchaa began out of necessity. Although tea is the drink that fuels England, we struggled to find a decent brew anywhere in London. Fed up with tasteless, low grade tea bags served in plastic cups, we set out on a mission to bring England the tea it deserves. This involved travelling the world, blending and brewing until we dropped and of course drinking many, many cups of tea.

Beginning in 2006 with just 30 packets of tea, we set up a Yumchaa market stall which quickly became a haven for tea lovers to talk tea, try tea and buy tea and our company soon expanded to bustling markets all over London. Not content with just selling people bags of our custom blends, we next set out to give them beautiful places to drink their tea – cafés with exposed brick walls and comfy seats where tea lovers could enjoy a quality cuppa in an independent, coffee shop style environment.

The first Yumchaa café opened in Camden market in 2009 followed by a second Camden café on Parkway, a Tottenham St location in 2011, on Berwick St Soho in 2013 and King’s Cross in 2014. In 2016, we’ll be opening our sixth location on vibrant Brick Lane.

We’re now on a mission to share great tea with even more people! Our market stall has gone digital and you can buy Yumchaa anywhere in the world through our online shop. Set to expand, we have multiple London openings planned for 2017.